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Taiji Whale Museum, Where Albino Dolphin Is Held, Has Been Convicted of Discrimination
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

A Japanese court in Wakayama Prefecture has ruled that the Taiji Whale Museum, owned and operated by the town government of Taiji, discriminated, in violation of the Japanese Constitution, against Westerners. Read More >

5 Reasons Not To Believe The SeaWorld Hype
| Paul Watson, Founder, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and David Phillips, Director, IMMP

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd and David Phillips from International Marine Mammal Project are not buying the hype that SeaWorld is suddenly doing the right thing - and neither should you. Read More >

US Implements Tougher ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Rules Around the World
| David Phillips, Director, International Marine Mammal Project

Good news for dolphins who would have become bycatch, if the Mexican tuna industry had it's way. Read More >

SeaWorld Used Invasive Breeding Drugs on Female Orcas
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

SeaWorld turned their orcas into baby factories by giving them drugs used routinely in domestic horses and pigs to "boost production". Read More >

Cousteau: Keiko Was Not A Failure
| Jean-Michel Cousteau, President & Chairman, Ocean Futures Society

Jean-Michel Cousteau Calls Out SeaWorld's Criticism of Keiko Release Effort and Urges Retirement of Captive Orcas Read More >

SeaWorld Ends Orca Breeding But Still Says No To Retirement
| David Phillips, Director, International Marine Mammal Project

The "last generation of orcas in SeaWorld’s care” won't ever get to retire. Read More >

Support the Ban on Captive Orca Breeding!
| Valerie Lowe, Intern, International Marine Mammal Project

Urge the California Coastal Commission to officially adopt the orca ban on breeding at SeaWorld San Diego Read More >

SeaWorld’s Orca Tilikum is Ill and May Not Recover
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

Tilikum may not be long for this world - and it's all SeaWorld's fault. Read More >

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