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Dolphin Safe Fishing: Top News

Walmart: Stop Supporting Dolphin Killing!
| David Phillips, International Marine Mammal Project

Sign our petition and tell Walmart: Stop Supporting Dolphin Killing! Even though the company agreed not to sell dolphin-deadly tuna, we found out that they are. Read More >

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Tell Walmart to Stop Supporting Dolphin Killing
| David Phillips. Int'l Marine Mammal Project

Walmart is a behemoth company that regularly draws the ire of environmentalists, labor movements and human rights advocates alike. The company once more finds itself in a negative spotlight - by selling dolphin-deadly tuna in it's online and brick-and-motar stores in Latin America. Read More >

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Reflections On Our Key Beluga Lawsuit Victory
| Mark J. Palmer, International Marine Mammal Project

We at Earth Island and activists dedicated to ending the captivity of cetaceans are celebrating the victory in federal court in Atlanta. In a huge win, Judge Amy Totenberg denied the Georgia Aquarium the permit they sought in order to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales from a population in Russia that is sorely depleted. "This federal court ruling is a stunning rebuke to every captive whale facility that tries to profit off ripping belugas, orcas and other marine mammals from the wild, despite cruel capture methods and damage to their populations,” stated David Phillips, Director of the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute. The court victory has many ramifications. Russia, along with Taiji, Japan, and Cuba, is becoming a major source of captive marine mammals, as other sources around the world have either been depleted or closed to the dolphin trade by activists and governments. Read More >

25th Anniversary of Dolphin Safe Tuna
| David Phillips. Int'l Marine Mammal Project

This marks the 25th anniversary of the Dolphin Safe tuna label, established by Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project on Earth Day 1990. Read More >

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| Dong Pading, Int'l Monitoring Program

Earth Island monitors work to ensure that dolphins are not chased, harassed, netted or killed during tuna fishing operations. Monitors inspect tuna canneries, storage facilities and fishing vessels including here in Papua New Guinea. Read More >

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2014 Annual Report - International Tuna Monitoring Report
| David Phillips. Int'l Marine Mammal Project

Thanks to your continued participation, Earth Island’s monitoring program continues to be one of the largest and most successful environmental monitoring programs in the world, encompassing 515 tuna companies, brokers, fishermen, and retail outlets in 71 countries. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 organizational and environmental standards credentials have been renewed for another year by an independent outside accrediting agency, QMS, ensuring continued quality monitoring for tuna around the globe. Verifying the dolphin-safe operations of tuna companies around the world has been instrumental in the protection of dolphins and other marine life as well as providing consumer confidence in tuna products. We are proud of the work of our monitors and heartened by the hundreds of tuna companies that have honestly and diligently complied with the Dolphin Safe standards. Under ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, we have independent recognition of the quality of our work. Read More >

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Single list of all Tuna Fishing Companies, Processors, Importers, Exporters, and Retailers who are part of the EII Dolphin Safe Tuna Program Read More >

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  • As always, if the orcas don’t do the trick – in SeaWorld’s Orwellian talk, the “behavior” – they still don’t eat.
    - Mark J. Palmer
  • More than 200 men, women and children (and one dog) turned out for the annual Empty the Tanks demonstration in London.
    - Mark J. Palmer
  • On May 7, France made the ‘bombshell’ announcement to phase out captivity for dolphins and orcas permanently. It is a move that is in line with the rising tide of public awareness that recognizes the cruelty inherent in the captive dolphin industry – something that SeaWorld continues to willfully ignore.
    - Laura Bridgeman
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