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Dolphin + Whale Project: Top News

Iceland Set To Kill 191 Endangered Fin Whales For Profit
| Laura Bridgeman

Iceland continues to violate the rights of whales, aiming to kill 191 individuals. Read More >

Naming the Names of Climate Deniers
| Mark J. Palmer

Book Review of “Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Men Who Are Destroying Life on Earth and What It Means for Our Children” by Dick Russell. Read More >

Will We Lose the North Atlantic Right Whale?
| Mark J. Palmer

A world without Right Whales just would not be right. Read More >

Is Norway’s Whaling Industry Killing Itself Out of Business?
| Laura Bridgeman

Norway claims that there are large enough populations of whales to sustain commercial hunts. So why are the quotas not being filled? Read More >

Topics: Norway, Whaling

My Experience at Jellyfish Lake
| Ailan Flowers, Palau Mission Academy Chapter, Heirs To Our Oceans

Exploring and learning how to conserve the world's oceans and their inhabitants. Read More >

Topics: Science

DARPA’s Terrifying Plan to Militarize Ocean Life
| Maia Danks

DARPA plans to encourage the inevitable breeding that will occur between genetically modified fish and normal fish. Read More >

Topics: Navy, Military

Spending Time with Wild Whales in Baja
| Mark J. Palmer

Where does the grey whales' trust come from? I don’t know, and I'm not sure that we humans deserve it, really. Read More >

Alaska’s Pebble Mine Setback Spells Hope for Bristol Bay Salmon
| Mark J. Palmer

Scott Pruitt now urging protection for Alaska’s Bristol Bay salmon over a proposal to build a huge mine in the watershed. Read More >

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