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International Marine Mammal Project: Top News

Iceland Whale Tourism – Go Whale Watching, But Don’t Eat Them!

It's all too easy to end up eating whale in Iceland, even when you don't mean to. Most of the whale meat from the cruel hunts is purchased by tourists, many of them unwittingly. Read More >

A Mob by Any Other Name - Dolphin Killed By Selfies
| Lori Marino, Founder and Director, Kimmela Center

Kimmela Center director Lori Marino writes about how SeaWorld's miseducation encourages behavior that kills wild stranded dolphins. Read More >

This Week Only: Special Advanced Viewing of New Film “By All Rights”
| International Marine Mammal Project

You can get a sneak peak of Stan Minasian's new film about cetacean rights next week! Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions: Save Japan Dolphins Campaign
| Save Japan Dolphins

Have a question about the slaughters in Taiji? Want to know how they are related to places like SeaWorld? We have all your answers here! Read More >

Coastal Commission Fires Director Despite Huge Public Support
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

seven members of the California Coastal Commission ignored a huge showing of public support for Executive Director Charles Lester, and voted in private to fire him. Read More >

Klamath Dam Removal To Help Endangered Orcas
| Shari Tarantino, President, Orca Conservancy

Fewer dams could mean more salmon and, hopefully, more orcas. Read More >

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Japanese Citizens Save a Whale, While Government Promotes Slaughter
| Laura Bridgeman

We should confront the dolphin hunters and the Japanese government for the slaughter in Taiji, without tarring all Japanese people with the same brush. Read More >

Turning Taiji on its head: Dolphins Helping Fishermen (Watch)
| Laura Bridgeman

In Brazil, dolphins and fishermen collaborate so that they can both catch fish, together. This stands in stark contrast with the tragedies that occur in Taiji every year. The Taiji killers could learn a thing or two from these fishermen. Read More >

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