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International Marine Mammal Project: Top News

Cousteau: Keiko Was Not A Failure
| Jean-Michel Cousteau, President & Chairman, Ocean Futures Society

Jean-Michel Cousteau Calls Out SeaWorld's Criticism of Keiko Release Effort and Urges Retirement of Captive Orcas Read More >

SeaWorld Ends Orca Breeding But Still Says No To Retirement
| David Phillips, Director, International Marine Mammal Project

The "last generation of orcas in SeaWorld’s care” won't ever get to retire. Read More >

Support the Ban on Captive Orca Breeding!
| Valerie Lowe, Intern, International Marine Mammal Project

Urge the California Coastal Commission to officially adopt the orca ban on breeding at SeaWorld San Diego Read More >

SeaWorld’s Orca Tilikum is Ill and May Not Recover
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

Tilikum may not be long for this world - and it's all SeaWorld's fault. Read More >

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Chronology of SeaWorld #Fails
| International Marine Mammal Project

A look back on how SeaWorld's reputation has been irrevocably damaged ever since the release of Blackfish. Read More >

Cove Report: A Season of Slaughter and Shame in Japan
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

A look back at the 2015-2016 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, which saw declines of overall catches. Read More >

Donate to our Auction and Receive a Free Dolphin Tee!
| Mary Jo Rice, Associate Director, International Marine Mammal Project

Donate an item for our online auction and receive a dolphin t-shirt! All donations are tax-deductible. Read More >

Earth Island Intervenes on Behalf of Captive Orcas in “SeaWorld v CA Coastal Commission”
| International Marine Mammal Project

International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute filed papers to intervene in support of ending orca captivity in California in the pending legal case “SeaWorld v California Coastal Commission.” Read More >

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