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International Marine Mammal Project: Top News

Saving Orca Free Willy: The Truth Of How The Killer Whale Was Set Free
| International Marine Mammal Project

Find out the true story that SeaWorld and the captivity industry doesn't want you to know. Read More >

Truth About Killing Keiko: What SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You To Know About Freeing Killer Whales
| International Marine Mammal Project

Learn the truth about Killing Keiko - a book that is written by captivity industry folks who want to continue to profit off of the lives of orcas and dolphins. Read More >

Highlights from Our Last Two Auctions

Highlights from Our Last Two Auctions Read More >

Topics: Dolphins

Global Warming and Salmon Extinction
| Mark J. Palmer, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

Think global warming, salmon extinction and cetaceans aren't related? Think again. This article explores the interconnectedness of these things and offers solutions moving forward. Read More >

Topics: Dolphins

| David Phillips

ECO, publication at the IWC meetings Read More >

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