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Friend of the Sea Leads Efforts to End Ship Strikes of Whales

| Mark J. Palmer
Topics: Cetacean Habitat, Dolphin Safe Tuna

Friend of the Sea (FOS)  has been developing ideas and policies for shipping companies to avoid striking whales.  FOS is focused on setting standards for sustainable fisheries, but also includes new standards for whale watching and other activities to protect dolphins and whales.

Earth Island’s European Director of our International Monitoring Program for Dolphin Safe Tuna, Paolo Bray, established Friend of the Sea to expand on the Dolphin Safe standards and address other fisheries issues, including social issues, sustainable fish farming, and long-term sustainability for fisheries.

FOS notes that, if you use a cell phone, chances are high that the vessel which shipped your brand new phone from the other side of the globe impacted whale populations on its way.

Dead whales have been showing up on the bows of container and other large ships – the vessels involved move so fast that whales are caught at the surface and don’t have time to swim out of the way.

Paolo and FOS have been meeting with ship owners and shipping associations to address the problem, focusing on speed limits and re-routing shipping lanes to avoid areas of high whale activity.  FOS also offers whale-safe certificates to shipping companies that adopt measures to reduce the likelihood of striking whales.


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