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| Laura Bridgeman, Int'l Marine Mammal Project

A Canadian Senate bill seeks to put a ban on owning or otherwise using cetaceans for human profit or benefit. Introduced by Senator Wilfred Moore, it seeks amendments within existing Canadian law in a bid to phase out cetacean captivity for good. Most notable are the amendments to the Criminal Code, which seeks to make owning, controlling, moving and breeding a cetacean a punishable offence, with such activities carrying potential prison and financial ramifications. Read More >

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Saving Orca Free Willy: The Truth Of How The Killer Whale Was Set Free
| International Marine Mammal Project

Find out the true story that SeaWorld and the captivity industry doesn't want you to know. Read More >

Truth About Killing Keiko: What SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You To Know About Freeing Killer Whales
| International Marine Mammal Project

Learn the truth about Killing Keiko - a book that is written by captivity industry folks who want to continue to profit off of the lives of orcas and dolphins. Read More >

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