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SeaWorld’s Lies Debunked in New IMMP Video

SeaWorld's Lies Debunked from Int'l Marine Mammal Project on Vimeo.


The International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) has launched a groundbreaking new video aimed at revealing the lies SeaWorld tells the public and its shareholders about the lives and well-being of captive dolphins and orcas.

Some of SeaWorld’s advertisements call into question the success of the Free Willy/ Keiko project, which IMMP led for many years.  SeaWorld dismisses the Keiko effort because they refuse to support any retirement of dolphins and whales. SeaWorld’s lies are hiding some ugly truths:





SeaWorld claims that retiring orcas to seaside sanctuaries would be “irresponsible”. But what is actually irresponsible is forcing dolphins and whales to perform in barren concrete tanks. In its more than 6 decades of operation, SeaWorld hasn’t retired a single dolphin or whale.

At SeaWorld, cetaceans are forced to work until the day they sicken and die, even though retirement is a viable option, as illustrated by Keiko and other successful rehabilitations and releases of captive dolphins, of which there are many examples. Yet SeaWorld continues to deny captive dolphins and whales the right to live out their lives in natural ocean environments, without being constantly on display and forced to perform repetitive and depressing circus tricks.  

SeaWorld’s lies are catching up with them. The International Marine Mammal Project is providing expert consultation on a class-action lawsuit in which plaintiff consumers claim they were lied to by SeaWorld and that it is engaging in deceptive advertising.  Similarly, the company was recently sued by investors for failing to disclose the impact of the documentary film Blackfish on their attendance numbers and stock price. Now, the US Justice Department has stepped in on the issue of misleading shareholders, and SeaWorld leadership is facing potential criminal charges.


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