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EXPOSED: Walmart Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna


You Can Help Stop Sale of Dolphin-Deadly Tuna in Walmart Stores in Costa Rica


Our International Marine Mammal Project investigators have revealed that in Costa Rica and other Latin American stores, Walmart is selling its own Mexico-sourced brand of tuna, labeled Suli, that is caught by chasing, netting, injuring and killing thousands of dolphins annually.

Most canned tuna around the world is caught using verifiable Dolphin Safe fishing techniques without any deliberate chasing, netting, or drowning of dolphins. 

But Mexican tuna fleets are disregarding Dolphin Safe fishing practices and instead catch tuna by deliberately chasing and herding dolphin pods  with speedboats until the dolphins are exhausted. Fishermenthen encircle the dolphins and tuna together in mile-long nets. Many dolphins  die in the nets or after they are released, due to  injuries or stress.  Baby dolphins are left behind, separated from their mothers during the chase, and they die of starvation or are eaten by sharks and are never even counted in the observed mortality.

EXPOSED: Walmart Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna! from Int'l Marine Mammal Project on Vimeo.

The giant international retailer Walmart prides itself on offering only environmentally responsible products including fish.  Its online policy states:  

"Our customers have high expectations of us – and they should.  They expect us to bring them a broad assortment of merchandise at everyday low prices, and that we’ll help them save money so they can live better.  But they also expect that the products they buy from us are produced responsibly.  We believe customers shouldn’t have to choose between products they can afford and products that are produced in an environmentally responsible way."

By selling dolphin-deadly tuna, Walmart is reneging on their own environmental policy.     

Walmart’s dolphin-deadly Suli brand of tuna is also being sold at other Walmart-owned stores in Costa Rica, including: Sam´s Club, Pali, Max X Menos, and Maxipali.

The Mexican government and Mexican tuna industry falsely claim that their tuna is Dolphin Safe or Dolphin Friendly (Amigo de Delfin).  In fact, Walmart’s Suli tuna can label includes h a blue dolphin seal with the words: “Tuna caught under dolphin protection standards”.  We believe this is a deliberate lie to mislead consumers.  In 2014 alone, a minimum estimate of 975 dolphins were observed killed by tuna fishermen chasing and netting dolphins.,according to observers reporting to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC).  Based on the best available science, this drastically underestimates the true number of dolphins killed.  

This is clearly NOT a Dolphin Safe method of fishing, and this canned tuna product CANNOT be considered environmentally responsible.

Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project helped establish the standards for Dolphin Safe tuna.We now work with more than 750 companies representing more than 95% of the world’s tuna industry that enforce policies ensuring that all their tuna products are caught in a Dolphin Safe manner with NO CHASING, NETTING, OR KILLING OF DOLPHINS.

 Walmart must take responsibility for its supply chain and cease immediately from canning, importing and selling this dolphin-deadly tuna product.  Walmart must not be allowed to get away with selling tuna stained with the blood of dolphins!   


Dolphin-Deadly Brand of Canned Tuna Sold in Costa Rica:

Do not buy Walmart’s Suli brand of tuna caught by chasing, netting and killing dolphins.


Dolphin Safe Brands of Canned Tuna Sold in Costa Rica:

Choose alternative brands of tuna that are Dolphin Safe!  These following companies have implemented verifiable policies to ensure that they do not purchase, process, or sell any tuna caught by the intentional chasing and netting of dolphins. 

There are ample supplies of Dolphin Safe tuna on world markets.  IMMP has monitors around the world who check tuna canneries, vessels, and storage units to verify the many companies are fishing in a Dolphin Safe manner, without harm to dolphins.





Contact Walmart Directly And Demand that It Stop Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna in Their Stores in Costa Rica and Latin America:

Walmart Stores USA

Address: 702 S.W. 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716

Phone: (800) 925-6278


Walmart Stores Costa Rica


Phone: 800-8000-722 


For further information on Dolphin Safe tuna and a global list, by country, of tuna companies that adhere to IMMP’s Dolphin Safe policies and are monitored by IMMP, click here.