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President of Costa Rica - Stop Allowing Walmart to Sell Dolphin-Deadly Tuna!

Topics: Dolphins, Tuna Industry

On July 3, the International Marine Mammal Project sent letters in Spanish and English to the President of Costa Rica, Sr. Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, regarding Walmart's selling of dolphin-deadly tuna in Costa Rican stores. Walmart's brand of canned tuna, called Suli, is caught by Mexican fisheries that use methods that intentionally target, harass and encircle dolphins with nets, resulting in many deaths each year. 

The letters were sent on behalf of the International Marine Mammal Project, as well as two other groups -  Fins Attached Marine Research and Conservation and CREMA - Costa Rican conservation organizations that are deeply concerned about Walmart's selling of tuna that is highly unethical and cruel. 

Click here for a copy of the letter in English. 

Click here for a copy of the letter in Spanish.