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Mexico City Just Banned Dolphin Performances!

Topics: Captivity Industry

Big news! Mexico City just passed a set of laws that prohibits performances, therapy and scientific research involving captive dolphins. 

The President of the Environment Commission, Xavier López Adame, has approved a fine system ranging from 113 thousand to 300 thousand 960 pesos that will apply to anyone who violates the new laws. Dolphin facilities have been given three months to comply. 

López Adame highlighted the need for the new laws, saying in regards to the facility Six Flags: "In this park specifically, the owner of the cetaceans who perform the show is the Dolphin Discovery group, which exploits approximately 40 percent of the market in Mexico and to date has 16 dolphinariums both in our country and in the Caribbean Islands and On the East Coast of the United States."

Lopez Adame also stressed that Dolphin Discovery Six Flags Mexico is ranked as the sixth worst dolphinarium in America according to In Defense of Animal's Ten Worst Tanks list. 

See this article for more information (it is in Spanish) and stay tuned as details are still emerging. 


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