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The Slow Demise of the North American Captivity Industry

| Laura Bridgeman
Topics: Captivity Industry, Keiko, Sanctuaries, SeaWorld, Taiji, Japan

The captive dolphin and whale industry has been around for nearly 80 years. Since the time of Flippy, the dolphin who performed in America's first dolphin show in 1938 in Florida, the public's opinions of cetaceans has changed drastically - going from an indifference or even fear, to being thrilled and entertained by their presence, and finally becoming increasingly intolerant of their captivity, due to the suffering we now know is endemic to captivity. 

Along the way, many organizations, including the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP), have been working to grow the public's understanding of these beings and demonstrate why we shouldn't be using them for any reason  -for food, research, or entertainment. 

This video by our friends at Take Part breaks down some of the history of this industry. 

Here are some additional points that have helped shaped the growing movement to free cetaceans from captivity: 






The trend is clear: people around the world are increasingly realizing the harm that captivity causes cetaceans. IMMP will continue to campaign against companies like SeaWorld until they opt out of captivity for good. 

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