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Walmart’s Bizarre Claim that They Don’t Stock Suli Dolphin-Deadly Tuna

| Mark J. Palmer
Topics: Dolphin Safe Tuna, Tuna Industry

Walmart is now using “alternative facts,” better known to most of us as “lies.”

Walmart owns the Suli Brand of tuna, which is caught and canned by a Mexican tuna company for sale in Walmart stores in Costa Rica.  Suli tuna even includes a fake blue dolphin seal claiming the tuna is caught “under dolphin protection laws,” misleading the public into believing no dolphins get killed in the fishing process.

On the contrary, the Mexican tuna fleet is notorious for promoting the deliberate chasing, harassing, netting, injuring and drowning of thousands of dolphins each year in order to catch tuna.  Dolphins drown in the nets, or are injured and bleeding after leaving the nets.  Baby dolphins cannot keep up with the pod when the pod is chased by speedboats to exhaust them, so dolphin babies die of starvation or are eaten by predators.  

On April 4th, the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) of Earth Island Institute launched a campaign, in English and Spanish, urging the public in Costa Rica to stop buying Suli brand tuna and for people to send letters to Walmart leaders urging an end to selling tuna products caught by intentional chase and capture of dolphins. There are many varieties of Latin American Dolphin Safe tuna available to Walmart to sell to the public in Costa Rica that are caught by methods that do not injure and kill dolphins.

In a bizarre move, Walmart is responding by claiming they do not sell dolphin-deadly Suli tuna at all!  The text of their response:

Dear XXX :

We thank you for contacting us, we tell you that in our stores in Central America we do not have this product.

Any other inquiries we can help?

Kind regards,


Greiner López | Agente I SAC Centroamérica

Walmart de México y Centroamérica | 


No such product?  Here is a photo of the cans of Suli Tuna in a Walmart store in Costa Rica we photographed just a few days ago.


Walmart’s denial is false and clearly meant to further mislead consumers.


Don’t be fooled!  Urge Walmart to stop selling Suli brand dolphin-deadly tuna in Costa Rica.



Contact Walmart Directly And Demand that It Stop Selling Dolphin-Deadly Tuna in Their Stores in Costa Rica and Latin America:


Walmart Stores USA

Address: 702 S.W. 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716

Phone: (800) 925-6278


Walmart Stores Costa Rica


Phone: 800-8000-722 



For further information on Dolphin Safe tuna and a global list, by country, of tuna companies that adhere to IMMP’s Dolphin Safe policies and are monitored by IMMP, click here.