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Keiko's Amazing Odyssey
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Keiko Whale Rescue

The Problem 

Keiko was the real-life orca whale star of the hit movie, Free Willy. He was living in very poor conditions in a small tank in Mexico City. Free Willy moviemakers, Warner Brothers, approached us to lead the historic effort to help rescue Keiko.

Our Action Campaign 

We formed the Free Willy–Keiko Foundation to spearhead Keiko’s rescue. We built a state-of-the-art rescue and rehabilitation facility at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon, where Keiko was flown to bring him back to health. Once healthy, Keiko was then flown to a large ocean sea pen in his home waters of Iceland. There, he eventually left his pen and swam in the open Atlantic Ocean, often accompanied by wild whales. Keiko was the first captive orca whale ever returned to his home waters, a historic first. He lived out his life free of the stresses and dangers of life in a concrete tank. We continue to tell Keiko’s real-life story and how the retirement, rescue, and possible release or orcas and dolphins can work.

Current Challenges 

The whale captivity industry has steadfastly blocked all efforts to allow the retirement and potential release of any captive dolphins or whales. They fail to mention their own refusal to help Keiko when he was sick in Mexico, or how 17 captive orcas died during the time Keiko was rehabbed and released. Other captive orcas and dolphins may be candidates for rehab and release. We’re keeping Keiko’s legacy alive to help guide future efforts.

77 Cetaceans Died At SeaWorld While Keiko Was Being Rescued

77 Cetaceans Died At SeaWorld While Keiko Was Being Rescued

Eva Marrero, October 2017

SeaWorld has long rejected the notion that whale captivity is animal abuse, relentlessly defending their profitable incarceration of orcas, dolphins and other small whales.  In one TV advertisement, trainers confidently announce to the camera that their whales “thrive… with the highest standard of animal care in the world.” Yet they routinely deny that whales can be released from captivity. The often point to the Keiko project - the famous orca who was rehabilitated in a seaside sanctuary after his liberation from a facility in Mexico  – as a failure.

However, the numbers clearly say otherwise.

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Debunking SeaWorld's Lies About Keiko

Debunking SeaWorld's Lies About Keiko

September 2017

Some of SeaWorld’s advertisements call into question the success of the Free Willy/ Keiko project, which IMMP led for many years. SeaWorld dismisses the Keiko effort because they refuse to support any retirement of dolphins and whales. SeaWorld’s lies are hiding some ugly truths.

During the years of Keiko’s successful rehabilitation and release into a seaside sanctuary with opportunities to swim with wild whales, from 1996 to 2003, a whopping 77 cetaceans died at SeaWorld alone, including 8 captive orcas. 

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Campaign Highlights

Watch the beautiful movie,

Watch the beautiful movie, "The Free Willy Story," here

Keiko's amazing odyssey from a cramped tank in Mexico to his home waters in Iceland.

Keiko Adoption Kit

Keiko Adoption Kit

Photographs and information about Keiko, a booklet on the history and habitat of orcas, a Mystical Whale Pendant replica of the one worn by Jesse in "Free Willy 2," a full-color orca poster, a personalized orca adoption certificate, and a special photo of Keiko in Norway.

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Watch the trailer for the new film,

Watch the trailer for the new film, "Keiko, the Untold Story," here

Keiko was given a chance that no other captive orca has ever had . . . the chance to go back to his original home waters. Visit the documentary website at www.keikotheuntoldstory.com


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