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Donate to Keiko Whale Rescue


There are a couple different ways you can contribute tax-deductible donations that helps other captive whales like Keiko have the greatest chance for a future in the wild.


1. Join Keiko’s Pod! Order the official Adoption Kit. 


Help other orca whales like the real Willy from the “Free Willy” movie stay wild. It was the help from concerned people like you that made Keiko’s success possible. You can help keep Keiko’s legacy alive, and assist our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and release other cetaceans around the world.


The Keiko Adoption Kit includes Keiko photo, movie, whale pendant & more! Order yours today.





You can double your donation to protect dolphins and whales by asking your employer to match your donation.  It's easy! Just type your employer's name into the box below and follow the instructions.