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International Marine Mammal Project: Top News

Twenty-Five Scientists Urge Russian Government to End Permits for Live Orca Captures
| Mark J. Palmer

25 scientists and experts urge Russia to cease issuing capture and export permits for live orcas. Read More >

Russian Orcas and Beluga Whales are in Deep Trouble
| Mark J. Palmer

Russian Conservationists Are Under Attack as they attempt to document captured cetaceans. Read More >

In Taiji, the Dolphin Killing Continues
| Mark J. Palmer

The tragic killing of dolphins, and selling live ones for profit, continues in Taiji. Read More >

Give It Up For the Orcas
| Dr. Paul Spong and Helena Symonds

The Southern Resident orca whales number only 74 individuals. They have not had a successful birth, in 3 years. Read More >

My Experience at Global Climate Action Summit 2018
| Sophie Mansoor, Founding Chapter, Heirs To Our Oceans

Youth activism is critical for the future of the planet. Read More >

Dolphin Makes Amazing Gesture Against Ocean Plastic Pollution
| Mark J. Palmer

Was this dolphin trying to send a message to humans? Read More >

The Truth about Whaling
| Audrey Lee

The whaling industry is responsible for pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Read More >

Iceland Kills 11 Pregnant Whales, Says It’s A Good Thing
| Mark J. Palmer

More whales die thanks to one rich man's pursuit of more money. Read More >

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