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Dolphin + Whale Project: Top News

Twenty-Five Scientists Urge Russian Government to End Permits for Live Orca Captures
| Mark J. Palmer

25 scientists and experts urge Russia to cease issuing capture and export permits for live orcas. Read More >

Russian Orcas and Beluga Whales are in Deep Trouble
| Mark J. Palmer

Russian Conservationists Are Under Attack as they attempt to document captured cetaceans. Read More >

Give It Up For the Orcas
| Dr. Paul Spong and Helena Symonds

The Southern Resident orca whales number only 74 individuals. They have not had a successful birth, in 3 years. Read More >

My Experience at Global Climate Action Summit 2018
| Sophie Mansoor, Founding Chapter, Heirs To Our Oceans

Youth activism is critical for the future of the planet. Read More >

Dolphin Makes Amazing Gesture Against Ocean Plastic Pollution
| Mark J. Palmer

Was this dolphin trying to send a message to humans? Read More >

The Truth about Whaling
| Audrey Lee

The whaling industry is responsible for pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Read More >

Iceland Kills 11 Pregnant Whales, Says It’s A Good Thing
| Mark J. Palmer

More whales die thanks to one rich man's pursuit of more money. Read More >

Bud Bottoms, Sculptor and Environmental Activist
| Mark J. Palmer and Mary Jo Rice

Bud Bottoms will be sorely missed by his friends, admirers, our environmental community, and those who appreciated his art across the globe. Read More >

Topics: Dolphins, Whales

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